I'm Mirko Sertic
and i'm
  • a Developer
  • an Engineer
  • an Open Source Lover
  • a Software Craftsman
I provide Software and Support in the field of electronic data processing. As a consultant and software craftsman I have supported a number of major players in projects of all sizes in Germany and Switzerland. My experience as a developer and architect makes informed decisions, sustainable architectures and sound operation of all kinds of software.

In addition to modern application development I am concerned with development and modernization of legacy systems. Here I offer support and advice in the field of architecture, change management and modernization.

Areas of Activity and Industry Experience
Consulting, Engineering, Administration, Tourism, eCommerce, Telecommunications
J2EE, JEE & SE, Android, Scala, SQL, XML / XSL, HTML / CSS, Javascript and other
Various relational and non-relational Databases, Embedded Databases
Operating Systems
Linux / UNIX derivatives, Windows, Android
Software Development
Innovative Applications, UI Prototyping, Test-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Design, QA
Software Development, Architecture, Management and Modernization of “Legacy” Systems
I have worked with following technolgies(excerpt)
Java (Sun & Oracle Java Certified), J2EE & JEE, EJB, Android, Scala, GWT(Google Web Toolkit), Javascript, JSF, HTML5 Polymer, XML, SOAP, REST, Web-services, SOA, Eclipse, RCP, Hibernate, Spring, Subversion, GIT, Gerrit, Unix, SUN Solaris, Linux, Oracle, PL-SQL, DB2, MS-SQL, MySQL, UML, Rational Rose, OOA/D/P, AWT/Swing, Java2D, Java3D, JavaFX 2.0, SWT, JPA, Hibernate, Spring, JSF, AOP(AspectJ), SOAP, WSDL, CruiseControl / Hudson / Jenkins, Maven, PostgreSQL, Domain-Driven Design, NoSQL, Docker,Windows 3.1 to Windows 8, JBoss AS, Tomcat, TomEE, WebLogic WLS, IBM Websphere, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Hibernate Search, Bean Validation, JAXB, StAX, TRaX, V-Modell, HERMES(Swiss), XP, SCRUM, Eclipse, JBuilder, Netbeans, IntelliJ, Canoo ULC, JUnit, Mockito, PowerMock, EasyMock, JSFUnit, DBUnit, Apache OJB, Objektpark, Struts, Cygwin, Putty, JCL, Case Tools, Code Coverage Analysis, Shell scripting, JDO, Apache CXF, MyFaces, Tomahawk, Richfaces, Ajax4JSF, Primefaces, PrettyFaces, JasperReports, Rational XDE / Systems Developer, Informix, MDSD, MDA, XSL:FO, OrientDB, Enterprise Architect, TREND Analyst, WebGL/OpenGL, TOAD, C / C++, CVS, Selenium, ANT, XSLT, JDBC, JSP, DockerHub
I aquired the following certificates
  • 2014 Functional Programming Principles in Scala, EPFL Lausanne
  • 2012 Oracle Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master
  • 2009 Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services (SCDJWS)
  • 2007 Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA)
  • 2004 Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java2 Platform (SCWCD)
  • 2003 Sun Certified Programmer for the Java2 Platform (SCJP)
  • 2010 International Project Management Association IPMA Level D
  • 2008 Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering