Hello, my name is Mirko Sertic.

Software Engineer.

What I do

I provide Software and Support in the field of electronic data processing. As a consultant and software craftsman I have supported a number of major players in projects of all sizes in Germany and Switzerland. My experience as a developer and architect makes informed decisions, sustainable architectures and sound operation of all kinds of software.

Contact me

Mirko Sertic
Josefine-Mauser-Str. 66
48157 Münster

My Services

IT Consulting, Modern System & Software Architecture, Software Development


Java, Domain-driven Design, Web Technologies, Mobile Devices, Cloud everywhere

My Background

Sun & Oracle Certified Enterprise Architect
Sun & Oracle Certified Java Developer
Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering

(Not complete) History of Talks and Presentations

10/2020 JAVAPRO - Self-Contained Systems.
An article about self-contained systems as an organizational and architectural approach.(Link)

06/2019 Java aktuell - Hinter den Kulissen von Self-Contained Systems.
A written summary of my JavaLand talk. (PDF)

03/2019 JavaLand - Hinter den Kulissen von Self-Contained Systems. Die fiesen Details.
A presentation about the implementation of the Self-Contained Systems approach and nasty problems that may arise. (Slides)

03/2019 Entwicklermagazin - WebAssembly, der aktuelle Stand und wohin die Reise geht.
An essay about the current state of WebAssembly support and pending specification proposals.

06/2018 Java aktuell - WebAssembly ein Jahr danach
A written summary of my JavaLand talk. (PDF)

03/2018 Frontend-Freunde Münster - WebAssembly ein Jahr danach
A talk at a local user group meetup held in Münster/Germany. (Video)

03/2018 Thalia Tech Blog - Frontend-Spielereien mit WebAssembly
A tech blog posting about WebAssembly hosted by the Thalia.de engineering team. (Link)

03/2018 JavaLand - WebAssembly ein Jahr danach
A presentation about the upcoming WebAssembly standard, its current state and possibilities. (Slides)

09/2017 Java aktuell - From Legacy to Modern Web
A written summary of my JavaLand talk. (PDF)

05/2017 WebComponents Primer
A short introduction about WebComponents held at a local hackathon. (Slides)

03/2017 JavaLand - From Legacy to Modern Web
A case study about strategies for cross-compiling legacy applications to the web platform. (Slides)

03/2013 Objektorientierung, Domain-driven Design und Architektur
A crash course about application of Domain-driven Design principles to complex systems. (Slides)