Compile Time Speed GWT 2.8.0 vs. TeaVM 0.4.3 vs. TeaVM 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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Some years ago I wrote a JavaFX based Game authoring system. It was also written to be ported to different run time environments by using transpiler technologies such as GWT or TeaVM. While TeaVM was heavily improved over time, I haven’t seen a new GWT release in the wild. Now, GWT 2.8.0 is released, and the question arises: Is the compiler still as slow as in 2.7? Well, lets take a look!


GWT 2.8.0

TeaVM 0.4.3



43.777 ms

10.383 ms

12.244 ms

Size of JS in un-optimized mode

3.700 kb

2.890 kb

2.650 kb

Size of JS in optimized mode

1.540 kb

955 kb

1013 kb

It is interesting and also a little bit weird. The GWT compiler became slower compared to its older 2.7.0 brother. You can see the GWT 2.7.0 performance charts in GWT vs. Dragome vs. TeaVM for Game Programming. While the JS size stayed almost constant, there were no further improvements from the external point of view. Hopefully the J2CL Project will keep improving. Till then, I will stay with TeaVM. Version 0.4.3 is stable and production ready. Version 1.0.0 is currently under development and will hopefully be soon available. TeaVM really rocks!

Git revision: 0ab8485

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